Lake Restoration

A Lake is a body of water that is surrounded by land& it acts as a lifeline for several villages that bank largely on their water for agriculture. As lakes are larger and deeper than ponds they help to prevent flooding and promote agriculture. During the dry season, it helps to maintain even flow of water and provides water for domestic purposes.  

In, Tamilnadu this lake system is beneficial in several ways like irrigation, aquaculture and a few other economical activities. When these lake systems got disturbed there will be a great impact on the people &the natural environment.  

So, the lake under disturbed condition should be restored as per,  

  • Removing the weeds regularly either manually or by machines.    
  • Removing the unwanted silt to maintain the depth of the lake.    
  • Constructing of new lake bund or repairing the damage.    
  • Constructing or repairing the sluice & weir.