Miyawaki method of Afforestation

Based on satellite data analysis conducted by the Forest Survey of India(FSI) and released by the Ministry of Environment, Forest &climate change(MoEFCC) has put the total forest & tree cover at 8,02,088 Sq.km which is 24.39 percent of the geographical area in the country which is lower than the targeted 33% of the total geographical area under the country’s forest policy.   

So, to stimulate the plantation target and to expand the green cover there is a need required for different afforestation methods.    

On the basis, we adopted the Miyawaki method which revolutionized the concept of urban afforestation by turning backyards into a mini forest.   

Through this the planted saplings support reaching the ground, thereby preventing the growth of weed.   

The saplings become self-sustainable after three years of its plantation& the growth becomes 10 times faster and 30 times denser than usual.   

Miyawaki method helps to create a forest in just 20 to 30 years, while through the conventional methods it takes anywhere between 200 to 300 years.