Juliflora prosopis Eradication

According to the survey conducted in 2013 by the water resources organization of Tamilnadu, the districts of the Cauvery water basin like Dharmapuri, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, and the districts which receive more than 1500mm rainfall like Nagapattinam & Thanjavur noticed the higher reduction in groundwater level.   

The research-based on the above confirms that it is caused mainly because of the presence of Juliflora Prosopis, the deadliest invasive plant species.   

So, the Madurai high court bench ordered the Tamilnadu Government to eradicate Juliflora Prosopis, completely. On, the basis of the survey conducted by Times of India & it reported the expenditure to eradicate Juliflora Prosopis will take above 1500 crore.   

So, to participate in this noble cause, the Nobel foundation started its work on eradicating Juliflora Prosopis on its founding day itself.